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Product details:

In addition to the previous model, AutoCat2Wave provides:

  •     The timing method based on Windkessel Aortic Valve Equation real-time process
  •     IABP Synchronization with the Aortic Flow
  •     FiberOptix connection port in order to receive the patient's instant AP from the aortic balloon sensor
  •     Automatic and continuous zeroing calibration of the analog input signals in relation toFiberOptix PA, in order to eliminate the time delay of all these input signals relative to the main optic received AP signal
  •     No minimum, nor constant values provided via FiberOptix PA
  •     Continuously FiberOptix PAsignal without any interruption
  •     FiberOptix PAsignal without any need of recalibration orrestartduring the entire process of counterpulsation
  •     FiberOptix PA sensory without any artifacts
  •     FiberOptix PA without any external electrical or magnetical interference