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Haemodialysis Access

Haemodialysis Access
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Chronic dialysis - Teleflex’s innovative dialysis access products will answer highest demands for fast, accurate placement, high flow and optimal performance, perfected by retrograde tunnelling techniques.

A simple and fast removal of thrombi, emboli and blockages can be achieved by our ARROW percutaneous thrombolytic devices. And if you think about acute dialysis or hemofiltration, we can offer a range of high-flow catheters with or without antimicrobial impregnations. Each catheter is designed to be as easy to use as it is effective.

In addition to our retrograde tunneled Cannon II catheter we are now able to provide the NextStep retrograde tunneled catheters with step-tip and featuring exchangeable extension lines, as well as the Edge antegrade tunneled catheters with split-tip, and the NextStep antegrade tunneled catheters with step-tip.