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Stimpod device for Plexus Anesthesia

Stimpod device for Plexus Anesthesia
Product details:

The Stimpod NMS 410/450 nerve stimulators provide clinicians true audiovisual feedback to help facilitate needle and catheter placement. The Stimpod visually displays waveform feedback of the actual current delivered, with a deformed square indicating a poor connection of the anode. A warning symbol will flash to alert the user if the actual delivered charge is less than 90% of the charge setting.

The proximity Indicator provides notification when the optimal distance between the needle / catheter tip and nerve has been reached. The Stimpod allows the user to define a target current and pulse width range. When a contraction is elicited within that target charge range, the device will produce an audible beep(s) to alert the user to the needle / catheter's proximity to the nerve.

The Stimpod NMS 450 features a revolutionary three-dimensional accelerometer which provides feedback for neuromuscular blocking agent (NMBA) monitoring using stimulation patterns such as train of four (TOF), double burst (DB) ratios, and post tetanic counts. The relative contraction strength caused by each stimulus is graphically indicated on the diagnostic screen. In the TOF mode, the percentage of the measured contraction strength of the fourth contraction compared to the first contraction is calculated and displayed on the screen.