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Thermodilution Catheter

Thermodilution Catheter
Product details:

The Arrow Thermodilution catheter is a flow directed (balloon flotation) and/or torque controlled catheter used to measure right heart pressures, and measure cardiac output through placement of the catheter in the pulmonary artery:

  • Reduces the risk of catheter contamination and clinician exposure to bloodborne pathogens

  • Provides a simple mechanism for checking the patency of the balloon with less risk of contamination

  • Better maneuverability at femoral insertion site,does not soften as quickly in situ

  • Reduces thrombus formation on catheter surface

  • The diameter of the deflated balloon does not exceed the diameter of the catheter body,allowing equal sizing of the catheter to sheath (7 Fr.catheter

  • goes through a 7 Fr.sheath),minimizes vessel trauma and blood loss thru the use of the smallest sheath possible.

  • Truer waveforms when monitoring (The smaller the distal lumen,the more the waveform will be distorted).

  • Less kinking than PVC which can dampen waveforms

  • Reduces the risks associated with PVC (poly vinyl chloride) catheter materials, such as clot formation